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Coronavirus - Useful Information

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If you want more advice about the virus, want to know the symptoms and what to do, please go to:

Health professionals should visit:

For general advice about the Government’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), please go to the link below where information is regularly being updated.

For information on changes to local NHS services, please visit:


Blackpool Support Networks

Blackpool Council have established a dedicated support network

Corona Kindness hotline
0808 1963 080


Our Other Services

STI Symptom Checker

  • Unusual discharge
  • Pain, burning or increase in weeing
  • Rashes, lumps or blisters
  • Stinging, itching or tingling
  • Pain and/or bleeding during sex
  • Bleeding after sex

  • Pain in the testicles (balls)
  • Pain or tenderness in the lower tummy
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Strong, unpleasant smell from the vagina after sex
  • Painful swelling of penis, testicles or foreskin
  • Brown eggs on pubic or other body hair
  • No Symptoms

Get tested if you have any of these symptoms, a sexual partner has symptoms or you’re worried after having sex without a condom. Many STIs have no symptoms at all, like HIV. The only way to know for sure is to get tested.