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The Green Dot campaign is an evidenced based primary prevention strategy that supports the Blackpool #ItStopsHere movement aimed at keeping our streets safe.

This initiative focuses on reducing the number of people in our community who experience power based personal violence, by taking a community responsibility approach.

The aim is that we all do our part to keep our community safe.

This workshop will provide you with the skills and confidence to be an active bystander.

• We will use a simple metaphor to show how domestic abuse and sexual violence including assault and harassment can be prevented and communities can change through small behaviours.

• A red dot represents an individual act of harm and too many of these red dots have added up to create a culture that allows unacceptable rates of domestic abuse and sexual violence including assault and harassment to happen.
• If red dots are the problem, green dots are the solution. A green dot is simply an action someone can take to stop a red dot from happening.

• Learn about the key components of the Green Dot Intervention and begin to consider what your individual and unique role will be in creating a positive and healthy community where far fewer people experience harm.

Available Sessions

Thursday 16th May                    10:00am-12:00pm       OWD Suite, Bickerstaffe House

Thursday 20th June                  10:00am-12:00pm       Conference Room 3B, Bickerstaffe House

Wednesday 10th July               10:00am-12:00pm        Conference Room 3A, Bickerstaffe House

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Course Fee

£Nil for All Delegates

(Non-attendance on the day will incur a fee of £25 for ALL delegates unless a substitute is sent)


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